A bit of London summer cycle chic

Last weekend the sun came out to play in London's lovely East End; it's amazing what a dab of sunshine will do, even the drabbest of corners become a playground or a cool, shaded hang out.  And London's cyclists were out in force, just doing their thing in their sunshine.  No need to hurry, no need for high-viz vests and all those other trappings.  Just bikes, sun, and fun.  What more do we need to sell just how good bikes can be?


And when the sun all gets a bit much (Yes, it really can get too hot in England!) sometimes you just need to kick back and cool off with your mates round the corner from the Fish and Chip shop:

All these photos and many more can be found at my Flickr profile.


anna said...

Sun? Where? I envy you :-).

Lovely shots, seems like a really peaceful atmosphere.

Anne said...

These photos are making me smile and smile. That's SO not how I think of London (having mostly only been there in autumn and winter months)--here it looks a bit like San Diego with cobbles!

The cow-patterned rubbish bins are festive, by the way, aren't they?

What a great post. Thank you for the delightful visit.

Helen said...

Wonderful photos! It's so great what happens on the first sunny day of the season! Love the short sleeves, shorts and sundresses!

ibikelondon said...

Ladies, you're right, the first sniff of sun and we're all out in shorts and tee shirts! Still, we've just come through the coldest winter in 30 years, so it's nice to be warm again (and the weekend I took these pics it was about 30*c in London - hot enough eh?)

@Anne, the cow bins are great, they're recycling bins for the market. The girl in the photo with the bins is the first person I've seen riding one of these stud-line tyre beach cruiser type bikes in London. Maybe a new trend?

Anne said...

Mark, those beach-cruiser style bikes are a popular rental bike around here, and seem to have tremendous appeal to people who haven't been on a bike since their youth.

It wouldn't surprise me if they were becoming trendy. They're cute to look at, fun to ride, and look great under attractive young men and women!

Bicycles, Friends & Family said...

Fantastic photos! It seems a heat wave has hit London. I wish it would here....it's still chilly and I wear gloves in the morning. Do you know what brands of bikes are the red ones in your photos (2nd from top and 5th from top)? Bring on the hot weather, bikes and dresses!

ibikelondon said...

Hi Judy, thanks for stopping by. I've tried to look at the pictures of the bikes you mentioned up close but I'm afraid I can't tell what make they are; sorry! The red 'Dutch' bike is especially good looking and the beach cruisers seem to be getting more popular here too. I think everyone is ready for the summer!

Anonymous said...

There's something about summer clothes and bicycles that wallpapers over a hole in the normal streetscape. London looks a good place to be right now.


Lady Vélo said...

Oh man - loving these!
THIS is why London in the summer rocks :)

Lady Vélo x

Anonymous said...

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