The Guardian Bike podcast & me

This week I was invited on to the Guardian's bike podcast, to talk in the studio with journalist and cyclist Helen Pidd.

We discussed the London 2012 velodrome which is shooting up just down the road from where I live, the trials and tribulations of the Boris Bike system's growing pains, a weird and wonderful rideable cross trainer and the growing debate over Australia's mandatory cycle helmet laws, as well as taking a look into the lives of rickshaw drivers in Edinburgh.

If you want to hear what your favourite bike blogger sounds like in person, and hear me describe Sir Chris Hoy's thighs as "magnificent" out loud(!), warm up your ears and click on the link.

The London 2012 velodrome under construction

ibikelondon is off for the long weekend squeezing every last drop out of summer - enjoy yours and we'll be back on Tuesday.

Ride safe!

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Anonymous said...

Well done, Mark - good interview. You sound very sensible indeed!

Greetings from the helmet colony.

Paul Martin
Brisbane, Australia