y o u b i k e l o n d o n; Amy from Peckham

Name / age?
I'm Amy, I'm 29.
Where do you live / ride to?
Peckham, and I ride into town, and all around, sometimes to the office or sometimes for fun and sometimes for long distances.  All over really!
What do you ride?
My bike is an early 1980's Peugeot frame which we did up with new gears and wheels.  It's got 18 gears and I love it.

How often do you ride?
4 or 5 times a week.
Helmet or no helmet?
Within London I don't wear a helmet but out in the country I'll wear one.  You shouldn't have to armour up to ride in a civilized city like London, it's ludicrous.
What's your primary reason for cycling?
In one word? Independence.  When you're riding there are no public transport issues and you're free to go by your own timetable.  Also, I got mugged when out walking one night and found after that I felt safer cycling than on foot - and then I was hooked!
Least favourite aspect of cycling?
Not being able to wear all the clothes I'd like.  It would be nice to wear floaty dresses sometimes but I ride what I call a 'proper' bike so it's trousers for me mostly.
Most favourite aspect of cycling?
The total flexibility it gives you and feeling active after sitting on my arse in the office all day.  It's all about getting from A to B actively.  It's fun and I've made friends through cycling too.
How many locks do you carry and have you ever had a bike stolen?
2 locks. 2 locks, always - a D-lock and a cable lock.  That said, despite cycling in Peckham for 7 years I've been very lucky and not had one stolen.  Touch wood...
What advice would you give to an aspiring cyclist thinking of riding in London for the very first time?
Assume everyone is trying to kill you and keep alert of them(!)  Always cycle defensively - being in the right place on the road is more important than speed or anything else.

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Tim said...

great advice for cycling in London, position in the road is vital! I love the sense of freedom I have when riding, and also that feeling of being part of the city. I am not hidden inside a car or tucked away underground, I am out there feeling the city around me.

prj45 said...

great advice for cycling in London, position in the road is vital!

+1, Amy dishes out very sage advice!

Andy in Germany said...

Serious question: How do avoid the 'stripe' on your back when not using mudguards?

ibikelondon said...

Andy - I asked this question to my followers and the answer that came back was to wear a mud coloured shirt! Seriously, as I am a full-set-of-fenders and chain guard kinda guy I'm intrigues to know the answer to this question myself!

Mark S said...

@Andy - My only suggestion would be either ride when it's not raining or where black clothes!

However thanks to the wondrous Crud Roadracers even a bike-tart like me can get decent protection without "spoiling" the lines of a race bike :-) Not full on mudguards although the Mk2's offer a lot more coverage for rear wheel/front mech and fairly durable as I've kicked my front one off twice and it's still in one piece - spares are easy to obtain as well.

ndru said...

Nice. Except that she is not riding a proper bike. She's riding a racing bike - which is why she can't wear whatever she likes.